Easy Ways To Maintain Your Washer And Dryer

EASY WAYS TO MAINTAIN YOUR WASHER AND DRYER Your washer and dryers are the staples of your household and meant to last for years. Performing regular maintenance on your washer and dryer will ensure that your appliances are running properly. If you do not, your dryer can pose a fire hazard. So we have a […]

How To Keep Your Home Appliances Functional And Reliable

HOW TO KEEP YOUR HOME APPLIANCES FUNCTIONAL AND RELIABLE Roughly $9 billion is spent by American consumers on home appliances annually. Most people realize that without certain appliances, keeping their homes clean and orderly will be impossible. The last thing you should do is invest in quality appliances and then neglect to clean or maintain them. Ignoring […]

Common Dishwasher Problems Needing Repair

COMMON DISHWASHER PROBLEMS NEEDING REPAIR While some variation in longevity can be expected depending on brand and model, it is smart to gauge an average expectancy on your dishwasher’s lifespan. Armed with this knowledge, you can anticipate when it will need to be replaced. Most dishwashers should last around 7-12 years. Other factors that will […]

Tips To Keep Your Washing Machine From Shaking

TIPS TO KEEP YOUR WASHING MACHINE FROM SHAKING There are more than a few issues that may occur with your washing machine. Unfortunately, when a problem occurs, you may not know what to do or where to turn.  One of the more common issues that you may experience with your washing machine is one that […]

Work Your Way Toward Better Appliance Health

WORK YOUR WAY TOWARD BETTER APPLIANCE HEALTH Home appliances can be quirky, troublesome and prone to breakdowns. Time makes its mark on your appliances and home systems, and various kinds of problems can cause them to wear out before their time. At Appliance Pro-Tech Repair, we are here for you to help you to optimize […]