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While some variation in longevity can be expected depending on brand and model, it is smart to gauge an average expectancy on your dishwasher’s lifespan. Armed with this knowledge, you can anticipate when it will need to be replaced. Most dishwashers should last around 7-12 years. Other factors that will affect dishwasher lifespan are care, maintenance, and usage frequency. Many common problems affect dishwashers and need repair.  

Dishes Aren’t Coming Out Clean

A prevalent complaint requiring repair is that dishes are not being cleaned properly. Begin by running a cycle with no dishes and some dishwasher cleaner. This can allow grease to flush from the washer. If that doesn’t solve the problem, check the door gasket, stain screen, and sprayer arms for clogging with grime. Other washer parts may not be functioning correctly and causing low pressure as well. 

Washer Won’t Start

After ensuring the unit is plugged in properly, check if it’s closing adequately. If your washer has a faulty door latch or switch, it won’t close correctly and therefore won’t start. If the unit is closing correctly, is plugged in, and still doesn’t start, you may have damaged wiring or other electrical problems. 

Under or Over Filling

A defective water inlet valve can malfunction either by not pulling water or being stuck open. Another issue many find is dysfunction of the float or float switch. This is usually caused by debris within the dishwasher and inhibits this part’s ability to inform the appliance of how much water it is holding. 


An array of problems can cause you to deal with the unfortunate occurrence of water leaking in your kitchen. Whether it’s a broken gasket, damaged pump or cracked hose, one of these items will need speedy repair to avoid havoc to your floors. 

Dishes Aren’t Drying Well

The dishwasher heating element is responsible for saving your wrists and towels the job of drying your dishes. If you open your dishwasher to find wet dishes, you’ve got a problem for an expert. Checking the heating element requires testing with special equipment.

Noisy Wash Cycle

You know the way your dishwasher usually sounds when it’s working. If you start hearing noise that is out of the ordinary, there is a malfunction. Seals and bearings needing replacement can cause a rattling noise. A bent washing arm can cause quite a knocking. A professional can help you determine what needs replacement. 

While some repairs can be done without professional expertise, many problems will be handled most quickly and painlessly by the experts. At Appliance Pro-Tech Repair, our priority is customer satisfaction, and that’s why we offer competitive prices for the personalized service you deserve. Call today and let us help you.