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There are more than a few issues that may occur with your washing machine. Unfortunately, when a problem occurs, you may not know what to do or where to turn. 

One of the more common issues that you may experience with your washing machine is one that shakes when it is running. If your unit begins to make loud noises, shake, or rumble, it can be quite disrupting, and you may be worried about the possibility of damage. 

However, there is no need to worry. Repairing a shaking washing machine may be easier than you think. You can troubleshoot the issue with the tips here and call a professional if additional help is needed. 

Be Sure Your Loads Remain Balanced

One of the easiest fixes for a washing machine that shakes is to pay attention to how the clothes are loaded into it. If all the weight is on just one side of the drum in a top-loading machine, it can become unbalanced. This is going to cause the machine to start shaking. 

This issue is not as big of a problem in front-loading machines. However, these machines will usually have a much faster spin cycle, so smaller vibration issues may seem to be bigger than they really are. 

Check to Ensure the Floor and Washing Machine Are Level 

Another easy fix for washing machines that shake is to ensure it is fully level. If the floor or the machine itself is unlevel, then you will probably have balance issues. 

Are you not sure if this is the problem? If so, take a level and put it on top of the machine. You can make adjustments to your machine’s feet until it is perfectly level

Make Sure the Floor Under the Washing Machine Is Stable 

If the floor begins to shake, along with the washing machine, there may be issues beyond just the appliance. It is a good idea to look at the floor’s stability from the crawl space or basement. Sometimes, supports will need to be added to ensure the floor under the washing machine is stable. When you fix the floor, it may help eliminate the annoying rattle and shake that is coming from your washing machine. 

Examine the Stacking Kit 

Modern stacked washers and dryers are great options to save space. While this is true, they are not completely immune from issues related to shaking. Along with checking how level the unit is and your flooring, you should look at the frame used for mounting the lower and upper units to one another. If the frame is not properly attached and secured, fixing this issue may eliminate the shaking. 

If you are unsure why your washing machine is shaking, it is good to contact a professional repair service. They can evaluate the issue and provide the repair solutions needed to restore proper function to the machine and ensure it will continue operating efficiently. Being informed is the best way to prevent serious issues with your washing machine.