appliance repair maryland

Home appliances can be quirky, troublesome and prone to breakdowns. Time makes its mark on your appliances and home systems, and various kinds of problems can cause them to wear out before their time.

At Appliance Pro-Tech Repair, we are here for you to help you to optimize everything in your home for the future. 

Here’s some of what you might encounter as you maintain your property, and what we help with when we show up.

Clogs and Clunks

Over time, drains can become clogged by any type of sediment, whether that’s items left in a washing machine, or the usual kinds of hair and grease that plug up sink lines and other related plumbing lines. Then you have the types of clunking sounds and other symptoms of poor calibration where appliances deteriorate over time.

We are experts at helping with all brands of home appliances to get them in perfect working condition again.


Many of today’s appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators, are highly computerized. They’re made to work according to the government’s Energy Star energy efficiency compliance program, and they’re also pretty sophisticated when it comes to troubleshooting and maintenance. There’s even an ironic kind of word for this that computer people have used throughout the years – they called the associated indicators on appliances “blinkenlights” (or, for fans of the German language, “blinkenlichts”). We show up and diagnose your “blinkenlights” problems, and fix them. It’s as simple as that. Usually, it’s just some detail from a sensor that the homeowner doesn’t know how to read, because he or she did not sit down and read the entire appliance manual! That’s what you have us for. Of course, “blinkenlights” can als easily be something far more serious. It just depends. 

Temperature Controls

If you’re working with something like a dryer or stove range or oven, your appliances supposed to heat to a precise temperature, in order to warm up whatever’s inside, whether it’s clothes or food or anything else. (Even if you’ve seen that episode of “Seinfeld,” don’t put your clothes in with your pizza!)

But what about when that doesn’t happen?

Dealing with thermostats and thermal controls can be a huge pain in the neck if you don’t have the professional experience and acumen to repair these efficiently. Again, we can help. We have 15 years of experience covering the NY/NJ area, and we fix all brands and all kinds of appliances! Just call and we will come to the rescue.